Writing For:



Tech Republic


20 Horror Films…

15 Horror Movies…

The Only 26 JPRGs…

Writing For:


Writing For:


Writing For:

The Huffington Post

Writing For:


Writing For:

The Spoof.com

Writing For:

Den of Geek Links upon request because they don’t have an easily navigable byline curation

Writing For:


Writing For:

Sparklife and The MindHut

Writing For:


Writing For:


Copywriting For:

Prose Media (samples per request)

Blog/Microsite Writing For:

Sites of Conscience

“History and Healing”

National Dialogues on Immigration Project News Blog

“Ask President Barack Obama about Immigration Reform on Friday”

“Immigration Right Now”

TWC Central (samples per request)


Swimsuit Optional: 6 Summer Sex Trends

54,000 to Celebrate NWHW!

The Unbound Box Blog

Be A Good Girl

Bookish: Lean In

The Coolest Condoms

2 Lists I Made Before And After Being A Bridesmaid

How To Calm Your Nerves For A Date/Interview/Anything

Summer Reading List…For Winter

Love Online

Wordplay as Foreplay

The Window


film-forward.com ( a brief selection )

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